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Meet & Greets 

FREE meet & greets for all new clients:

I always prefer to meet you and your animal(s) and provide a quote for services based off each individual needs and your requests while you're away.  This is a great way for everyone to get introduced before any services start. 

Cats & Dogs

Cat Resting

Pop In Visit

Up to 15 minutes

This service includes:

Love and affection

Food & water

Potty break 

Scoop litter box 


Cleaning of pet areas


Pricing starting at $15 per visit

Dog Running

Standard Visit

Up to 30 minutes

This service includes:

Love and affection

Food & water

Potty Break 

Play time

Scoop litter box 


Cleaning of pet areas

House Care


Pricing starting at $25 per visit

Cute Bunny

Other house pets





Guinea pigs



Which service is right for you ?

Pop in visits are a quick drop in on your furry friend. They are great for mid-day checks for cats & dogs or for those with other small house pets. 

Standard visits are a longer drop in (up to 30 min) with playtime sessions, dog walking, and house care. I will bring in/out all trash, mail, packages, fill pools, water plants, etc at no addition charge. 

*Services can always be customized to fit your pet needs. Please do not hesitate to ask if you're unsure which service is best for you!*


Horse Care


Farm Animals

Sleeping Dogs

Cats & Dogs

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